Aura Soma Colour Care


The Aura Soma system empowers us to take control of our own well-being.

It is a self-selecting, non-intrusive approach to inner self-discovery using dual colour Equilibrium bottles to explore our potential.

The mirror of colour helps us to recognise so that the energetics of our being so that we can have more choice in our approach to life moment to moment.

Using the little known language of colour and the energies of the three kingdoms of Plant,Healing Crystals and Light, this wonderful system can help us have greater understanding and consciousness.

Using these colours can help us access our gifts, create greater awareness of our inner beauty and deepen the understanding that will help us fulfil our potential.

The Consultation

As we explore the colour combinations of the bottles, they touch us on a personal level inspiring insights and recognising ourselves at a very deep level.

We are invited to select four bottles that speak to us the most.

A consultation is an opportunity for each of us to discover our true colours as a rainbow being.